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When I first moved to Saint Albans, I knew life would be taking a step up. Leaving the cat-swinging, neck slashing hometown behind, I made my way to the place that replaced Mayfair on the new monopoly board. I guess a place that consists of two words always seems posher by default; ‘Lemington Spa’, ‘Regents Park’ etc.

Would Zoidberg have done a better job than Hugh?

Anyway back to topic, I was told by a friend of a restaurant that served lobster, steak, chips and a beer for £19.50, so without hesitation jumped on the wagon. We got on a train to Chelsea (London) and made our way to the Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crab Shack. As soon as we opened the door it smelt amazing – a combination of peppered steak and well cooked fish. It was the most packed I think I’ve ever seen a restaurant, with everyone digging into the deal of the day.

We were quickly seated (gotta love reservations) and placed our orders. After a short wait, the masterpiece was brought out, and what a masterpiece it was!

Yes, we each had that plate to ourselves!

‘So what was it like?’ I hear you ask. Well lobster itself is quite an interesting dish. It has the taste of prawn in its tail, but has a more watery – almost scampi taste – in its claws. You also get the fun of taking what I’d call a nutcracker to the creature in order to get at its meat. Make sure you use the apron though, because it’s totally impossible to not get covered as you break it apart!

All in all my first lobster experience was brilliant and I cannot wait to go again. If you ever find yourself in Chelsea  on a Thursday make sure you visit this restaurant!

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  1. prawn AND steak… amazing.

    1. It was. Seriously, come to Saint Albans and we shall go get us some! (Has to be a Thursday night though!)

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