About a lobster

When I first moved to Saint Albans, I knew life would be taking a step up. Leaving the cat-swinging, neck slashing hometown behind, I made my way to the place that replaced Mayfair on the new monopoly board. I guess a place that consists of two words always seems posher by default; ‘Lemington Spa’, ‘Regents Park’ etc.

Would Zoidberg have done a better job than Hugh?

Anyway back to topic, I was told by a friend of a restaurant that served lobster, steak, chips and a beer for £19.50, so without hesitation jumped on the wagon. We got on a train to Chelsea (London) and made our way to the Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crab Shack. As soon as we opened the door it smelt amazing – a combination of peppered steak and well cooked fish. It was the most packed I think I’ve ever seen a restaurant, with everyone digging into the deal of the day.

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