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Review: Echoes of Exodus

When you think of the Exodus, what do you think of? For me I still have Dreamwork’s ‘Prince of Egypt’ jumping to the front of my mind. The authors of ‘Echoes of Exodus’ tell us we must think bigger than that.

In fact, we should think of the Exodus as fundamental to our understanding of the Bible. We should be seeing the echoes all over the place. God’s plan is about saving a people from slavery to freedom, and that applied physically to the Israelite nation in the book of Exodus, as well as to people today. The authors go on to explain that what we really need is ‘true freedom’.


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Review: Theistic Evolution

In ‘Theistic Evolution’, Crossway has gathered together a broad range of experts, both scientific and theological, to discuss the topic that titles this book.

The idea that evolution is scientifically accurate appears to have become a commonplace idea in today’s world. Part of this comes from confusion over what the term actually means. This has led Christians to react generally in two ways: either condemning science as a discipline and relying on faith alone, or saying that God uses evolution somehow in his design process (theistic evolution). This book points out the grave errors in this mindset, although they readily admit that “‘Theistic evolution’ can mean different things to different people largely because the term ‘evolution; itself has several distinct meanings.” (more…)

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Review: Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World

When I heard that Tom Schreiner was going to be writing a book in Crossway’s ‘Short Studies in Biblical Theology’ series I was excited. Then, once I found out it was going to be on the topic of covenant, I immediately preordered it from Amazon (and am still awaiting its delivery at the time of writing…)


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Review: Sinai and the Saints: Reading Old Covenant Laws for the New Covenant Community

Sinai and the Saints: Reading Old Covenant Laws for the New Covenant Community
How do the laws given to Moses at Mount Sinai relate to Christians today?

This is a topic that has caused millennia of thought, and barrels of ink to be spilled. By use of careful exposition and Biblical Theology, as well as contemporary illustration, James M. Todd III attempts to explain, as simply as possible, a potential answer to this conundrum. (more…)

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