Review: ESV Story of Redemption Bible

The Bible is the grand, sweeping story of the unfolding plan of God throughout the history of the world. Those are the words on the back of the new ESV Story of Redemption Bible, and these are words that we need to remember today. Many people have lost the idea of scripture as the story…

Review: Christian Ethics: Biblical Moral Reasoning by Wayne Grudem

Christian Ethics is a complicated subject to tackle. Well, I say complicated, in some ways it is pretty straight forward. But ethics are what fall out of a whole Bible theology; and therefore, are affected by the way you put together the Bible. So the challenge is to put together an ethical standard that is…

Review: Archaeology Study Bible (ESV)

‘History is foundational to the worldview presented in Scripture’. As we read the Bible we need to know that it’s contents were written to a specific people at a specific time. Therefore we need to ‘go to Corinth’ – to understand what the original readers would have thought – before we apply truths to ourselves….

Review: Light in a Dark Place – The Doctrine of Scripture

Light in a Dark Place is the latest entry in Crossway’s ‘Foundations of Evangelical Theology’. This has been a great series of systematic theology over the past few years, with each volume tackling a foundational aspect of theology. In the latest volume, the editor of the series, John Feinberg turns the focus on to another…

Review: The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross

“What is the kingdom of God? Well let me tell you about a tree.” That sums up the introduction to this latest addition to the Short Studies in Biblical Theology series by Crossway. The beauty with these books is that they are ‘short’, but they pack plenty of punch!