‘Baa, I’m a Facebook user’

Something interesting is happening in the way people receive news. A step backwards to a time when newsboys would be standing on the street, and information would be passed by word of mouth from person to person with no ability to corroborate the story unless you were affected first hand.

Of course, back in 1900 this was acceptable we did not have the Internet with wonders such as Google, Wolfram Alpha and (ahem) Wikipedia to answer our every question. So with the recent controversy over “Kony2012” and other such ‘viral’ news pieces it did make me wonder what had happened to the common sense that people used to have.

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The worth of a degree

So for those of you who know me, and have spoken about the worth of a degree, you probably know where my opinion falls on the matter of higher education. I honestly believe that degrees have almost completely lost their worth. This is a matter that I’ve discussed with a lot of people. Those who went to, those at, those thinking of going and those who have not ever touched the university experience.

Let me give you some history. Back in 2007 I was in my final year of secondary school, applying to universities (six in my day) and hoping to get the grades. We had just had the tuition fee increase to £3000 (not a match on the £9000 today), but that was just the normal. Nobody really cared about the potential debt and everyone was going off to get the ‘university experience’.

So did my degree go wrong? Is that why I have my views?

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King of Kings – Demo from upcoming project

Well it looks like this may be the first official post of 2012. I say that because I have a number of posts that are in ‘draft’ at the moment, but are not ready for release. Anyway..

I’ve been playing with the idea of releasing an instrumental album of songs that I find really powerful. If you know me you probably have been asked which songs you think I should include. So just to prove I’ve actually been doing it, here’s a short demo of one of the songs.

The demo is just there for you to get the gist, so things are likely to change.

Anything comments about what you like/dislike in this recording would be great, because I see this more as an open project rather than just my own! Hopefully getting some guest musicians in on the project. Also any ideas of songs would be cool 🙂



UPDATE: I went through a remastering session last night, resulting in a slightly different sound. Thanks for all the feedback so far 🙂

The top 10 Christmas albums you probably havent heard

In the run up to Christmas I thought it would be interesting to do some mini reviews of Christmas music.

Many people ask me what the Christmas music projects to look out for are. So here we have the top 10 Christmas music projects that you probably have not heard. I’ve spent quite a bit of spare time consolidating this list, so hopefully you’ll find something new that you’ll love!

Every album has a Spotify/iTunes link attached to the album cover!

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“We’d like our catalogue back”

On December 15th, 2011 the council of Spelthorne will cast their votes as to whether Staines, home of Ali G, will be renamed to Staines-on-Thames. The aim is to make the place sound more upmarket. This got me thinking about namings. Some of the poshest places in England are ‘double named’ (Chipping Campden, Gerrard’s Cross or Alderley Edge for example), but then some are not (Mayfair anyone?). Is there really that much power in a name?

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