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    Psalm 150 – The complete, unending, hallelujah

    Passage: Psalm 150 Summary What is it that makes you sing? That makes you laugh, that makes you shout for joy? Perhaps it’s the moment when your favourite footballer, running up the wing, gets passed the ball and in a moment of skill curves the ball past the hapless defenders, right into the corner of the goal. Or maybe it’s the news of a newborn. The long wait is over, and they’re finally here!  Or maybe you’re like me, and are a product of these isles we live in. Where emotion sometimes gets stuck at customs somewhere between Dover and Calais. There’s still something that gets you a little more excited…

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    1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:10 – “Separated, but…”

    Passage: 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:10 Summary For the Thessalonians it may have felt like they’d been left alone. But as we work through this passage, we’ll get to see behind the curtains and see Paul’s actual thoughts. We will see his heart for these people living in the north of modern day Greece. As the person who set up their church, but also as a fellow Christian. We’ll see what he cares most about, and therefore see what we should care about too. Error happened.

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    1 Samuel 17 – Seeing things as they really are

    Passage: 1 Samuel 17 Summary 1 Samuel has been all about looking for a leader and we re-join in the middle of a leadership crisis. Saul has been made the first king of Israel by popular demand – but things have not gone well. In fact, even the selection of Saul was flawed to begin with. The people had demanded a king to bring stability and security and to ‘make them like all the nations around them’. But – as we saw before Easter – Saul had been disobedient to God’s commands and been rejected by God, but he is still functioning as the people’s King. Behind the scenes, however,…