You are currently viewing Psalm 150 – The complete, unending, hallelujah

Psalm 150 – The complete, unending, hallelujah

Passage: Psalm 150


What is it that makes you sing? That makes you laugh, that makes you shout for joy?
Perhaps it’s the moment when your favourite footballer, running up the wing, gets passed the ball and in a moment of skill curves the ball past the hapless defenders, right into the corner of the goal.
Or maybe it’s the news of a newborn. The long wait is over, and they’re finally here! 
Or maybe you’re like me, and are a product of these isles we live in. Where emotion sometimes gets stuck at customs somewhere between Dover and Calais. There’s still something that gets you a little more excited than you usually are though…
We’ve been looking at the book of Psalms most Sundays at Christ Church Hemel, and now we’re going to see where they all end…

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