The top 10 Christmas albums you probably havent heard

In the run up to Christmas I thought it would be interesting to do some mini reviews of Christmas music.

Many people ask me what the Christmas music projects to look out for are. So here we have the top 10 Christmas music projects that you probably have not heard. I’ve spent quite a bit of spare time consolidating this list, so hopefully you’ll find something new that you’ll love!

Every album has a Spotify/iTunes link attached to the album cover!

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“We’d like our catalogue back”

On December 15th, 2011 the council of Spelthorne will cast their votes as to whether Staines, home of Ali G, will be renamed to Staines-on-Thames. The aim is to make the place sound more upmarket. This got me thinking about namings. Some of the poshest places in England are ‘double named’ (Chipping Campden, Gerrard’s Cross or Alderley Edge for example), but then some are not (Mayfair anyone?). Is there really that much power in a name?

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About a lobster

When I first moved to Saint Albans, I knew life would be taking a step up. Leaving the cat-swinging, neck slashing hometown behind, I made my way to the place that replaced Mayfair on the new monopoly board. I guess a place that consists of two words always seems posher by default; ‘Lemington Spa’, ‘Regents Park’ etc.

Would Zoidberg have done a better job than Hugh?

Anyway back to topic, I was told by a friend of a restaurant that served lobster, steak, chips and a beer for £19.50, so without hesitation jumped on the wagon. We got on a train to Chelsea (London) and made our way to the Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Crab Shack. As soon as we opened the door it smelt amazing – a combination of peppered steak and well cooked fish. It was the most packed I think I’ve ever seen a restaurant, with everyone digging into the deal of the day.

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Traditional welcome object…

Welcome to my brand new blog!

About 5 years ago I used to keep a record of things that happened to me, that I found useful and other random things I felt people should know. I also ran something called ‘rate my tunes’…

Well I’ve now graduated uni, and started a grad job. So I expect to post a lot of related stories to do with that. Maybe I’ll go back through the old blogs I have and talk about them. Who knows!

I am going out for Steak and Lobster tonight though. Possible first review/story to come from that.

Comment, favourite or whatever, just make sure you come back 🙂