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    Review: The New Calvinists

    As an evangelical Christian, living in England, and after hearing JD Hall recently recommend ‘The New Calvinists’, and seeing that it was about the UK church, I was eager to open it and see what it said. Error happened.

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    1 Samuel 17 – Seeing things as they really are

    Passage: 1 Samuel 17 Summary 1 Samuel has been all about looking for a leader and we re-join in the middle of a leadership crisis. Saul has been made the first king of Israel by popular demand – but things have not gone well. In fact, even the selection of Saul was flawed to begin with. The people had demanded a king to bring stability and security and to ‘make them like all the nations around them’. But – as we saw before Easter – Saul had been disobedient to God’s commands and been rejected by God, but he is still functioning as the people’s King. Behind the scenes, however,…