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Review: Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 1 by Joel Beeke & Paul Smalley

‘Reformed Systematic Theology’ is the latest volume put out by Joel Beeke, Paul M. Smalley and published by Crossway. This is the first in a projected 4-volume work, aiming to cover the broad category of Systematic Theology. This particular volume looks at the themes of Revelation and God (or Theology Proper).

It has been said that the church needs good theology that engages the head, heart, and hands. In this volume, Beeke and Smalley say that they are aiming to do that as they ‘seek to strengthen a Christian reformed according to the Word of God’ (p. 114)

From that description, you may feel that this is a cold academic volume, but I was pleasantly surprised at how accessible it is. Yes, there are the parts of a Systematic Theology you’d expect, like the exact theological terms and foreign words, but at the same time, it is highly readable. I believe this flows from the combination of the academic professor and loving pastor that put this book together.

For those wondering, the book is structured like Wayne Grudem’s, with each chapter ending with a hymn and discussion questions. The discussion questions in this volume are particularly thought-provoking. I would consider using it in a men’s Bible study at some point.

I recently taught a series at my church on the incommunicable attributes of God and found this a great resource to dip into. If you have not got a decent systematic theology in your bookshelf yet, or still have space on your Systematic shelf, I would recommend picking this volume (and those forthcoming) up.

Thanks to Crossway for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book to read and review. ‘Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 1’ is out now in the UK.

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