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Review: Are you 100% sure you want to be an agnostic?

A quick glance at the current landscape shows that agnosticism appears to be the trendy thing to be. Gone are the days of the ‘New Atheists’ with their outspoken opinions, and in their wake now stand the ‘nones’. People who don’t have a religious affiliation on their census. The people who asked whether God exists will reply ‘I don’t know’. The position that appears wise in a world torn between competing opinions. Peaceful, centred, not causing a ruckus. Agnostic – a trendy choice.

But can you be agnostic about Jesus? To answer that question Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell come along with their new book ‘are you 100% sure you want to be an agnostic?’. Andrew, an ex-agnostic himself, and Jon, a man with remarkable hindsight, want to challenge you to take another look. Are you 100% sure you want to be agnostic (pun intended)?

If you are like me, you will laugh out loud as you read the book. Knowing both Andrew and Jonathan, it is amazing how they have translated their personalities onto paper. They have both made me cry with laughter, and this book does the same. It does not read like a dry refutation of the agnostic position, but is incredibly easy to read (I did so in two sittings!). The book is pastoral and not at all ‘preachy’. Plus, you get to know more about the authors (who knew Andrew had been arrested before?!)

Crucially, this puts the Bible’s claims front and center. By presenting parts of the gospels to the reader, the excuse of ‘not knowing the claims’ falls away. If you are a serious agnostic (one who wants to know), this book gives you the resources you need.

This is certainly the book I want to have in my bag for when I next encounter a ‘none’. If that’s you, definitely pick this book up and give it a read. And if you know an agnostic, be sure to have a copy of this ready to give away!

You can pick up your copy of ‘Are you 100% sure you want to be an agnostic?’ from 10ofThose today.

You can also watch my take on agnosticism here.

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  1. Jack

    I often question my parents commitment to the church. As a kid forcing me and my siblings to go and listen to a preacher that later I learned groomed children. I have a hard time when the people who preach god do ungodly things. Truly the fundamentals of Christianity I believe in at least for a general moral compass. The actual belief aspects like god and Jesus I challenge often. Though I do pray I think I’m a Agnostic Christian. Does this book sound right for me?

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