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    The gospel in the linen

    Dave updated his thoughts on this post in 2020, and preached a sermon on it. Hear it here! Happy Easter! I don’t know whether you went to an Easter service today, but if you did, you may have come across a book referred to as ‘John’s gospel’. It is read in many churches over the Easter period and no doubt will be heard many times more today. The author tells us that he wrote his book “[so] that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name”. (John 20:20) Now, if you were to give John a chance to tell his…

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    Where is God’s presence?

    Over the summer I was invited to preach at a┬ácouple of churches. This was a great privilege and I pray that my words helped people in their walk with God. One worry that struck me though just before the service was what should I wear as I stand at the front? A number of people informed me that I should be myself, whilst others suggested I should wear a suit either because I was in a ‘holy place’ or that my taste in “novelty tshirts” was embarrassing! In the end I went with the classic jeans and shirt approach – casual but smart. Rummaging through the proverbial clothes pile of…

  • Bible,  Ehud's Sword

    Introducing… Ehud’s Sword

    So I’ve recently been reading through the book of Judges (with the aid of the brilliant Judges for You by Tim Keller) and have been really loving it. The tales of each judge in Israel’s history makes for some good reading and reflection, whilst being – in parts – hilarious but gruesome.