• Teaching that doesn’t change anything? (Malachi 2:1-9)

    Does teaching God’s word truthfully really matter? Recent polls have shown that Christians in the UK (and overseas) don’t think so. For instance, check out the number of ‘evangelicals’ in the UK on OperationWorld, or the results of the latest ‘State of Theology‘ survey completed by Ligonier. Does God care? Or is He simply happy people believe something? Listen in on Malachi and find out. Any questions or comments can be sent to podcast@david-couch.com. This was preached at Christ Church Hemel on 25th September 2022. To catch up on the rest of this series, visit our archive! Error happened.

  • Does belonging to God change anything? (Malachi 1:1-5)

    Hello and welcome back to the podcast. A people who need to remember who they are. A people who need to know what God has done for them.  They’re asking does it change anything belonging to God? I invite you to j oin us as we see that it has changed everything and will change everything. Let’s go! Error happened.