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Review: My Bible Animals Storybook by Dandi Daley Mackall

10ofThose have been putting out some good quality children’s books recently (see Rosie & Friends for example) and this is no exception. The artwork is lovely, and the approach is fun too. The author has managed to write a Bible storybook around the ideas of animals – and one thing I’ve learnt since getting this book is that children love animals!

There are two pages to each story, but the author does not make it so that the animal is central. When I first saw the title I thought it would be making the animals centre-stage, at the cost of the actual Bible message. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the animal is indeed present, but the main story is still told.

After each story come two other sections. The first is animal facts. My wife and I enjoyed flicking through these one dinner time, and seeing if we knew all of them. These sections help you marvel at the Creator, and all the variety found in nature.

The other section is titled ‘what it means for me’. In this bit you’ll find an application, a memory verse, and a prayer. At points the application felt a little unrelated to the thrust of the actual Bible story (e.g. the dove in Noah’s ark was given a job to do – God will give you one too), but they do lead to a good discussion. I’d leave it to the parent’s discretion in how they use that section.

Overall, this is a fun book, for children who are 4+, and love to learn about animals!

Big thanks to 10ofThose for providing me a complimentary copy to review!

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