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    The revelation of the Trinity in Scripture is perfect

    “The revelation of the Trinity in Scripture is perfect”, says Fred Sanders in ‘The Triune God'[1]Sanders, F., 2016. The Triune God, M. Allen & S. R. Swain, eds., Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.. As Sanders says this, he means that the disclosure in Scripture of God’s identity is complete, sufficient, and the way it is meant to be. Or, to put it another way, we could not have done a better job of revealing the Trinity if we wrote the Bible ourselves.  When you really think about that statement, it leads to a realisation that, in Scripture, we have all the information that the True and Living God wants us to know.…

  • Topic Night: Covenants

    Last Sunday I hosted a topic night on covenants. We are studying the Pentateuch at the moment, and have got to Genesis 22. The Bible has used the word ‘covenant’ 10 times up to this point, so it is worth taking a longer look at what is going on. If you have ever wondered why we are now allowed to eat bacon, why people disagree over who should be baptised, have different opinions on the Sabbath, covenants are the place to start. Below is the YouTube video if you want to see my slides. Alternatively, you can download a PDF of the slides here. The handout is also available here. Enjoy!

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    Review: Can We Trust the Gospels – by Peter WIlliams

    Can we trust the gospels? That is a very important question. If they do tell the truth, then there is no denying that they must be heard, read and followed. If they’re false, then we can discard them and not bother at all with them. Peter Williams, Principal of Tyndale House in Cambridge, has been working on this area for a number of years. I first heard him debating Bart Ehrmann on the Unbelievable podcast, on this very topic. And now he is here with 160 pages of academically rigorous research, written at a popular level. Williams states “This [book] seeks to present a case for the reliability of the…

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    Review: ESV Story of Redemption Bible

    The Bible is the grand, sweeping story of the unfolding plan of God throughout the history of the world. Those are the words on the back of the new ESV Story of Redemption Bible, and these are words that we need to remember today. Many people have lost the idea of scripture as the story of the unfolding plan of God. Instead, we know select verses, and perhaps the name of the some of the books. But how do they all fit together? Crossway has been on a mission it seems to tie the Bible back together for us. With their series in ‘Shorter Studies in Biblical Theology‘, to their…

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    Review: Archaeology Study Bible (ESV)

    ‘History is foundational to the worldview presented in Scripture’. As we read the Bible we need to know that it’s contents were written to a specific people at a specific time. Therefore we need to ‘go to Corinth’ – to understand what the original readers would have thought – before we apply truths to ourselves. This is where Crossway’s Archaeology Study Bible aims to help. As famed Biblical archeologist David E. Graves says, archaeology is not a ‘proof’ for the Bible. Instead it should inform our exegesis. This is why I was excited to hear about Crossway’s latest study bible. And why I was even more excited they offered me a…